Annelies M Gentile, MA, ACC

Integrative Leadership

Coach . Consultant . Facilitator . Educator . Speaker . Process Artist

Strategist and conduit for change Annelies M. Gentile, MA, ACC helps professional leaders, entrepreneurs, executives and non-profits face change head-on. By building empathy and resiliency, creativity and insight, and by improving communications within teams and partnerships— Annelies helps her clients strategize and nourish their vision with integrity.

She is a trusted guide for C-suite clients and budding entrepreneurs who facilitates an integrative approach to personal transformation and professional development. Her client list includes leaders, entrepreneurs and executives from Fortune 500 companies to government, medicine, law and universities. To name a few, City of Raleigh, Wake County Government, North Carolina State University, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, Wake County Public Schools, UNC Rex Healthcare, US Center for Refugees and Immigrants, Wake Forest Chamber of Commerce, Pink Foundation, Wind River Foundation, Center for Human-Earth Restoration and Bank of America.

Her education includes a master’s degree in coaching (Maryland University of Integrative Health), additional graduate studies in creativity, conflict transformation and peacebuilding (European Graduate School in Switzerland), and transformative leadership (Tai Sophia Institute). She is also professionally accredited with ICF (International Coaching Federation) and is a Toastmasters speaker. Annelies has served on the board for the Art Therapy Institute, the Center for Human Earth Restoration and is currently an active volunteer with the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants.

No other experience has informed her leadership, wisdom and depth of compassion more than her exposure to world-culture and her humble beginnings in theater over 25 years ago. She's worked in television, film and on and off Broadway catalyzing ideas and beautiful solutions for stars, high-profile politicians and high-performance professionals. Her professional experience includes being a hair and makeup artist, artistic designer, director, producer, manager, educator, social change catalyst, non-profit board member, visual artist and now coach, consultant and facilitator.

Her secret to success is compassion. Annelies has lived throughout the world, including Dubai and has traversed twenty-two countries and most US states confirming her philosophy that most people want and need the same three things; to be heard, to feel safe and to have a sense of belonging. Annelies lives in Raleigh and is writing her first book.

Annelies' lives in Raleigh with her sweetheart Greg Whitt of DRUM for CHANGE.


2008-Present    CEO, Strategic Visionary of Conduit for Change LLC

1992-Present    Visual Artist & Educator

2012-2015         Non-for-profit board member for Center for Human Earth Restoration

2011-2012         Non-for-profit board member for The Art Therapy Institute

2003-2004         Operations Manager for the Rank Group : Hard Rock Cafe : Dubai, UAE

1995-2003         Department Manager & Designer :: North Carolina Regional Theater, Raleigh, NC

1995-1996         Department Manager & Regional Educational Consultant :: Matrix Essentials International

1994-2003         Production Assistant & Hair & Makeup Artist :: UNC-TV, Durham NC

1992-2010         Freelance Agent, Manager, Producer & Educator (NBC, ABC, Troika and others)

Education & Credentials

  1. MA Health & Wellness Coaching from Maryland University of Integrative Health

  2. Conflict Transformation, Peacebuilding & Expressive Arts European Graduate School in Switzerland

  3. Transformational Leadership studies at the Tai Sophia Institute in Maryland

  4. Creative process studies at North Carolina State University, with Julia Cameron at the Omega Institute, Twyla Tharp at Meredith College, creativity immersion studies in Crete, Greece

  5. BA Liberal Studies focus on Social Change & Creative Process from St. Augustine’s College

  6. Certified professional coach with (ICF) International Coaching Federation 

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Client Relation Highlights: Former Gov. North Carolina Bev Perdue, Former Gov. North Carolina Mike Easley, Wake Forest Medical Center, Rex Hospital, NC State University, Pretty in Pink Foundation, Full Circles Foundation, Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, Bank of America, Raleigh Rescue Mission, Wind River Foundation, Wake Forest Chamber of Commerce, Wake Forest Chamber of Commerce, Wake Forest Leadership, Wake County Public Schools

Employer Highlights: Research Triangle International, Elon College, NBC-TV, UNCTV, NCT, Troika Productions, Big League Productions, Zotos International, Paul Brown International, Matrix Essentials


PERSONAL STATEMENT:  I began Conduit for Change, LLC in 2008 with a vision to inspire and stoke the genius within all of us for the sake of generations to come. I believe we all have the answers to solve our most difficult issues, we just need to remember how to access them. When collaborative, creative and interesting conversations can be had new ways of thinking about fundamental problems can be explored. I’m passionate about process and how systems work, and look to creativity, natural patterns and nuggets of indigenous wisdom to influence my work. It’s fascinating to observe the macro and micro worlds and pin-point inherent wisdom. I really do love teaching tools that make life worth living for all of us. Read her philosophy HERE.

MORE ABOUT ME: I’ve been an artist, educator and change agent leader since 1992. Prior to my career as a coach, I was immersed in a variety of industries and mediums. One of which was the television, film and theater profession where I worked closely for 17 plus years with big political names and Broadway stars like former NC Governors Bev Perdue and Mike Easley, and Broadway stars such as Bernadette Peters, Clay Aiken, Tony Curtis, Tom Selek, Andy Griffith, Carol Channing, Patricia Neal, Brian Williams of NBC, the B-52‘s and scores more.

Over the years, I’ve toured on many multi-national productions and was the youngest hired at two major international companies as a regional educator/manager over two decades ago. In 2004, I lived in Dubai, UAE working as a manger for Hard Rock Café and had dozens of staff from all over the globe whom I managed compassionately. I’ve also been a successful working visual artist, sculptural artist and photographer. Having traveled to 22 countries and 49 states in the US, I’ve learned how powerful and important the creative process is to critical thinking, problem-solving and unifying people of all walks of life. People everywhere really all do want the same thing. Safety, peace and freedom.

No matter my career title, somewhere between the chaos and order of life, I learned I’m an expert at pin-pointing people’s strengths and barriers. That’s when coaching became the next phase of my career.  I really do naturally evoke the best of people to step up, break-free and claim ownership of their extraordinary role in humanity’s unfolding story. Today, I’ve a proven track record of helping clients achieve outstanding results which I am graciously proud of and humbled to serve.

On a personal note, I hold a deep passion and appreciation for nature, sustainability, oneness, peace of mind and have an insatiable hunger for quantum physics, science and consciousness studies. I’m tickled to make a happy living through my gifts, while sharing my life journey with my sweetheart and life partner, GREG WHITT of DRUM for CHANGE 

I believe in the power of creativity and nature to inspire change. Somewhere along the way, as we grew up… we forgot our place in the cosmos and our power to imagine, our capacity to create, our commitment and connectivity to all living systems. It’s time to remember who we are, how best we’re meant to serve one another, our great planet and be fully present to the unfolding story of the universe.

“Never underestimate the power of inspired people to change our world.”

photo by Elizabeth Galecke

“I believe when we are compassionately poked to remember our connection to one another and to all things, we access our best problem-solving skills, our innate creativity and our compassion to care. For me, there is nothing more rewarding than helping others see what’s possible.”